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Class / Description Sections
  Start Date End Date Days Start Time End Time Location
VBUS 118 - Introduction to Windows
Introduces Windows navigation, views, commands, file management, customization and more.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 124 - Introduction to Keyboarding I
Instruction in keyboarding by touch for speed and accuracy.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 125 - Introduction to Keyboarding II
Instruction in keyboarding by touch, basic document editing and word processing.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 200 - Topics in Career Education
A specialized course on topics related to current needs of Career Education students.
View 1 Section
VBUS 244 - Introduction to Databases/MS Access
Instruction in creating tables, queries, forms and reports. *Please note the free program we offer is for PCs only, and will not work with Macs*
View 1 Section
VBUS 245 - Introduction to Desktop Publishing/MS Publisher
Instruction in creating publications, flyers, newsletters, brochures,and invitations. *Please note the free program we offer is for PCs only, and will not work with Macs*
View 2 Sections
VBUS 258 - Navigating the Internet
Introduces the internet, connections, research, data retrieval, and email.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 260 - Introduction to Word Processing/MS Word
Instruction in creating formatting, editing, saving, and printing documents.
View 1 Section
VBUS 262 - Introduction to Spreadsheets/MS Excel
Instruction in basic spreadsheet concepts using sample problems.
View 1 Section
VBUS 303 - Introduction to Electronic Imaging/Adobe Photoshop
Instruction in using the Photoshop software program.
View 1 Section
VBUS 304 - Introduction to Electronic Presentations/ Power Point
Instruction in creating electronic presentations.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 340 - Career Exploration
Students will explore available occupations, careers, educational or training programs using a variety of available resources.
View 1 Section
VBUS 402 - WorkForce Power Skills
This course helps students develop and practice the power skills - typically referred to as soft skills -that they need every day to be effective and stay competitive in today's workforce. When combined with industry knowledge and behaviors, mastery of power skills results in higher levels of individual performance and growth.
View 1 Section
VBUS 450 - COMPTIA A+ Certification Preparation
Instruction and test preparation for taking the A+ certification test.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 500 - Digital Literacy for Academic Tier 1
Digital literacy course that prepares students for academic and workplace success by providing instruction on the fundamental technology skills needed to be digitally literate. Topics covered include: computer and smart phone functionality; introduction to the internet; the internet to find information; mobile applications for language learning; email creation and usage; online forms; video and audio sharing sites for language learning; social media for information; word processing applications; and introduction to online educational applications.
View 5 Sections
VBUS 501 - Digital Literacy for Academic Tier 2
The second integrated digital literacy course that prepares students for academic and workplace success by providing instruction on the primary technology skills needed to enhance digital literacy. Topics covered include: review of topics covered in Digital Literacy for Academic and Professional Success - Tier I; the internet to search and evaluate information; mobile applications for learning and productivity; email etiquette for social and professional exchanges; online applications for synchronous communication; social media for civic and professional engagement; use word processing programs for academic and career readiness; online educational applications for collaboration; and overview of learning management systems (e.g., Canvas).
View 3 Sections
VBUS 503 - Digital Literacy for Real World Application
Creating an online professional presence including: creating your own professional website, building and online presence via social media, and learning how to market yourself and your services to prospective companies.
View 1 Section
VBUS 559 - Business Practices for Family Child Care
Provides potential family child care providers with information and skills necessary for successful operation of a family child care business.
View 1 Section
VBUS 576 - Computer Basics: Systems and Networks
Instruction in the networking of various operating systems.
View 2 Sections
VBUS 590 - How to Start a Small Business
An introductory series of classes focusing on specific topics addressing the needs of individuals thinking about starting a small business.
View 2 Sections
VFOOD 005 - ServSafe Food Handler
This course prepares students for employment in commercial and institutional food kitchens. It prepares students for the ServSafe Food Handler Certification.
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