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VBUS 096 - Introduction to Digital Cameras
Digital camera basics.
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VBUS 107 - Seminar: Adobe Lightroom
Seminar in Adobe Tools
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VBUS 119 - Introduction to Keyboarding and Basic Windows
Provides introductory instruction for keyboarding by touch and learning MS Windows. This class or Introduction to Windows is highly recommended prior to taking other classes taught within the Windows environment.
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VBUS 257 - Seminar: Microsoft Office Overview
Explores and provides instruction in evolving standard software applications commonly used in business.
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VBUS 303 - Introduction to Electronic Imaging/Adobe Photoshop
Instruction in using the Photoshop software program.
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VMED 010 - Overview of the Nursing Assistant Training Program
This class is designed to provide an introduction to the clinical and theoretical requirements for the Certified Nursing Assistant Program.
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